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[technology-pmc] request m2e 1.0 graduation and release review

m2e project would like to graduate incubation and release version 1.0 as
part of Indigo simultaneous release.

Although this is the first m2e release at Eclipse, m2e is certainly not
a new project and it's "before-eclipse" releases are #2 top download on
Eclipse marketplace since December last year.

Mature status will allow m2e to become part of Indigo Java EPP package
and we believe out-of-the-box Maven support in one of EPP packages will
be beneficial not only for m2e users but wider Eclipse community as well.

I am attaching m2e 1.0 Release/Graduation Review document PDF and we'll
be happy answer any questions either here on m2e-dev mailing list.

Note there was a hiccup with m2e IP Log submission. Sadly, we neglected
to open CQs for four presumably benign dependencies and expect this to
be resolved before actual release review date.


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