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Re: [technology-pmc] Request for EGit / JGit 1.0 Graduation and Release Review


In fact, I think we should capture the EGit/JGit experience as a model
for others to follow. Except for the part where you submit your IP Logs
for review a week too late ;-)


On 05/26/2011 11:12 AM, Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
> Dear PMC, the EGit and JGit projects are asking permission to graduate
> and do our 1.0 release, our documentation is below:
> In the beginning, EGit and JGit humbly started out pretty small but
> there are now many individuals and companies involved with EGit (15
> committers) and JGit (9 committers). We have a variety of individuals
> contributing along with corporate support from Ageto, Dewire, GitHub,
> Google, IBM, Red Hat, SAP and Tasktop.
> In just over a year (as of today), we've had 6 rapid major releases
> based on user feedback, with this one being the 7th...
>   4 weeks ago          v0.12.1
>   3 months ago         v0.11.1
>   5 months ago         v0.10.1
>   8 months ago         v0.9.1
>   11 months ago        v0.8.1
>   14 months ago        v0.7.0
> If you look at our commit logs, there's a diverse set of contributions
> from the community (e.g., git shortlog -ens)
>   JGit commits:
>   EGit commits:
> In terms of download stats, we are approaching nearly 4000 installs a
> month from the Eclipse Marketplace...
> Our user guide is also very active with about ~275,000 accesses...
> In the end, we are happy to bring mature Git tooling to the Eclipse
> community and the Indigo release.

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