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[technology-pmc] Re: BPEL project status

Greetings BPEL folks.

I realize that this is the season of vacations and all... but somebody must be out there to respond. Anyone?


Wayne Beaton wrote:
Hey BPEL folks. I've been looking at your project and wanted to make a few observations.

The project website needs to have an "about this project" link [1] that points to the project summary.

The project data (in the portal) appears to have listed the project's home page as the "descriptionurl". This field should contain a pointer to an HTML file containing just a paragraph that describes the project.

Development appears to be slowing down (only five commits in May).

The listed releases are all two years old. Is it time for a new "next release"?

A project plan in the standard format has not been provided. The only plan that I can find [2] is three years old. You really should have an up-to-date plan if you want to attract additional input from the community.

The BPEL project has no architecture council mentors. I believe that it predates the requirement for them. However, I think that you might benefit from getting some involvement from the architecture council. Please consider opening a bug against Community/Architecture Council requesting assistance.

I am concerned that the project is stalled. It appears as though Redhat wants to get involved [3], but that the project is not responding to the requests.

Can somebody please address the issues discussed and provide the PMC with a short status update on the project?




Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation
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