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[technology-pmc] [CQ 3794] DTFJ Version: any

--- Comment #6 from Krum Tsvetkov <krum.tsvetkov@xxxxxxx>  2010-02-19 08:53:04 ---

I figured out that according to these discussion:
CQs for libraries which should be included in Helios need some additional
comments. And that the deadline for this was 5 February.

During the period of project changes (we changed project lead recently) we have
overlooked this.

This CQ is about a "works with" dependency, and thus we do not require any new
library to be included in Helios. However the plugin which we compile against
this dependency should be included in Helios. Therefore I am not sure if the
action required in the maillist post is needed for this CQ.
I hope that despite of the late comment it will be still possible to process
the CQ on time.

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