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[technology-pmc] Restructuring ACTF Project

Hi Technology-PMC,

ACTF project is now working to develop future release plans. For this 
work, we have questions about Eclipse release and archive processes.

Currently, only a project or sub-project is allowed to do a release. 
However, due to differences in the development schedules, maturity, 
resources, and so on, it is difficult to schedule simultaneous releases of 
complete ACTF components. 

For more flexible releases, we think dividing the ACTF project into some 
sub-projects is a possible solution [1]. ACTF has 3 major components 
(Validation, Visualization and Alternative Interface) and the common 
infrastructure (Core), so we might be able to divide ACTF into these 4 
sub-projects. We are also now considering if there is another possible way 
for restructuring. 

Before starting preparation of this restructuring, we would like to have 
your advice about it. For example, are there other good ways, etc..

In addition to this, some plugins of ACTF are now nearly dormant. We are 
considering whether or not they can or should be archived.

We'll continue to look for new contributors who have interest in that 
part. However, if we come to the conclusion that we should archive it, can 
we archive only the inactive part? In the Eclipse development process, 
only a project or sub-project can receive the archived state [2]. We would 
like to know how to archive some part of a project.

We found that similar questions were raised in the Nebula project last 
year [3], but we would like to know your thought in our case.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Best regards,
Kentarou Fukuda, Ph.D.
IBM Research - Tokyo
Tel: +81-46-215-4659
E-mail: kentarou@xxxxxxxxxx

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