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[technology-pmc] Permission for move review

Dear Technology PMC,


during the Eclipse Summit the project leads of the Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) project had the possibility to join the upcoming SOA Top-Level-Project and IWG meeting. During this meeting we asked whether it would be possible to move to the SOA TLP once it has been established and the attendees all agreed and encouraged us to do so.


I already talked with Wayne about such a move and he agreed that it would be the perfect place for us. JWT’s existing philosophy is close to the SOA TLP project (several transformations, various runtimes), we already provide an integration with several plugins of STP (transformations to the BPMN-editor, STP-IM, etc. with both being also part of the SOA TLP soon) and an even deeper integration is expected in the future.  Of course, we are not only concerned about SOA, but our current focus is upon process modeling, service execution, etc. and in addition we already have close business relationships with the STP members (e.g. in funded projects), so this seems to be a natural fit.


Before we now ask EMO for a Move Review, we wanted to ask officially upon your agreement for such a move.

Thanks in advance and best regards,




JWT project co-lead

University of Augsburg, Germany


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