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Re: [technology-pmc] Dependencies clarification: ant and perl and bash and sh and sed

As a general rule, we don't require CQs for stuff running on the build servers.

I'm more concerned with reproducibility of build. Since it's perfectly reasonable to assume that somebody trying to build Linux Tools would have everything you've listed, I don't think there's an issue.


Andrew Overholt wrote:

One of the Linux Tools project's efforts is to get Eclipse technology
into more Linux distributions.  Our eclipse-build output is part of this
and makes building the Eclipse SDK easier for Linux distributions.

The build scripts require things like:   ant, bash, sh, sed, and with a
new proposed patch, perl.  Do we require CQs for all of these?
eclipse-build manifests itself as shell scripts and not as Eclipse
plugins, FWIW.

Thanks for the clarification and guidance,

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