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[technology-pmc] Move request for Technology OHF components - SODA DK and SAT to Eclipse RT

This posting is to inform you of our intentions to request the approval to move the following two components from the Eclipse Technology Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) project to the Eclipse Equinox Runtime (RT) project:
  -  SODA Device Kit  (DK)   at
  -  SODA  Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) at  org.eclipse.sat

The reason for this move request is the fact that OHF is being sunset and the domain specific components are moving to Open Health Tools (OHT).  See  for more information.  

For the SODA components, which are not specific to healthcare, the proposal is to move them to the Equinox RT incubator project.  This is the proposed new locations:

In order to proceed with the move review, this topic is required to be posted to this mailing list and receive PMC and public consent.

Sam Camut

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