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Re: [technology-pmc] Fwd: Maynstall project status



Eric Rizzo wrote:
If there's no more PMC feedback by this afternoon (EST) then I'm going to propose this to the Maynstall team (Tim Webb).

Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
+1 that seems reasonable.

Can a proposal be fleshed out for the code that is useful within Maynstall so it can be moved somewhere?

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 9:12 PM, Eric Rizzo <eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Fellow PMC members,
    I recently noticed that the Maynstall project was withering and
    inquired with the dev list about its status. Below is the response I
    My inclination is to recommend the project be archived, with the
    data access part he speaks of being offered to the Dali project for
    possible absorption.
    Since I'm still pretty unfamiliar of the details of the Eclipse
    Development Process, I'm seeking your opinions before speaking on
    behalf of the PMC.


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    Subject:        Re: Project status
    Date:   Fri, 7 Aug 2009 12:24:29 -0500
    From:   Tim Webb <tim@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:tim@xxxxxxxxxx>>
    To:     Eric Rizzo <eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx
    CC:     maynstall-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:maynstall-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    References:     <4A7B354C.2070700@xxxxxxxxxxxx


    There is the long and short answer, as there always seems to be.

The short answer is Maynstall as it stands today does not have an active contribution base and is not what I would consider an active project.

    For the long answer, there are aspects of Maynstall, specifically
regarding a way of accessing a remote JPA data model that we make use of on our own commercial product and once every six months have a small CVS commit to keep it going. This area I believe has interesting value to
    the community though the Maynstall project as it stands now does not
    represent that correctly -- the data model access was a fall out
    technology from the integration, not a key component to the initial
contribution. I previously spoke at EclipseWorld/EclipseCon with Doug
    Clark over on EclipseLink to see about the possibility of aligning a
subset of the services in Maynstall over in that area. The provisioning
    side of Maynstall was largely displaced with the introduction of p2;
even on my own commercial offering we needed to stop using Maynstall for
    any provisioning and switch entirely to p2 for consistency with the

As always I'm open to suggestions from others who were originally named
    committers on the project.


    On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 2:55 PM, Eric Rizzo
    <eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    <mailto:eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>>> wrote:

       Hi, this is Eric Rizzo of the Technology PMC. While reviewing the
projects under the Technology umbrella, I've noticed that Maynstall seems to be inactive. The newsgroup has no messages for almost a year
       and the web site and wiki do not appear to have been updated in
    quite a
       while. The mailing list has not responded to recent inquiries,

       What is the status of the project? We need to have a response
    from the
       project lead and/or other team members ASAP.


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