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[technology-pmc] What does this mean?

In reviewing the new committer vote of Megumi, I reviewed several bug reports with comments along the lines of:

"Team Workflow" - D7F1B - "Not Clear how to edit review defect records" [1]

with little additional commentary.

I am concerned that comments like this do not allow a community to follow what you're doing and, therefore, does very little to help the project create a community. By creating a community, you will attract additional participation in the form developers, input, testers, etc. I trust that you believe that developing such a community is a worthy activity.

Bug reports should capture the essence of the discussion that occurs behind the scenes. It's fine to discuss the project in team meetings and "around the watercooler", but those discussions need to be captured somewhere so that others can have a fighting chance of keeping up with what you're doing.

The comment leads me to believe that you have a parallel bug tracking system. Is that the case?

Your friendly neighbourhood PMC Lead.


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