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[technology-pmc] [CQ 3226] eu.geclipse.ssh

--- Comment #6 from Ariel Garcia <garcia@xxxxxxxxxx>  2009-03-31 18:31:45 ---

> Isn't com.jcraft.jsch library is already packaged and also  part of the Eclipse platform?

Yes it is. That's why i said 
"None of these two plugins depend on further external bundles, only on
Eclipse/Orbit bundles."

I don't understand you comment, do you mean what are these two plugins for, if
we already have jsch?. I had hoped that would be clear from the initial
posting: one is an EFS (Eclipse file system) implementation of sftp, the other
one is an implementation of g-Eclipse's own authentication interfaces
(IAuthenticationToken etc) for supporting ssh internally.

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