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Re: [technology-pmc] Linux Tools dependencies

I believe that these will all qualify as Exempt pre-reqs. You should enter a CQ for each of them.



Andrew Overholt wrote:

I'm in the process of updating our IP log in preparation for our 0.1 release. I noticed that I don't have emails or CQs relating to the following implied dependencies:

- this tool is a basic package on any RPM-based distro and allows us to query for installed packages to use as proposals in our RPM .spec editor

- this tool is very common on RPM-based distros and allows one to check for common errors which we translate into workbench artifacts

- this tool is basic to many RPM-based distros and we use it to check for packages to propose as completions in our .spec editor

GNU autotools (autoconf, automake, etc.)
- the GNU autotools are ubiquitous and we make use of them as part of our autotools plugin which brings their functionality into the CDT

Could we please have the PMC's approval for these dependencies?


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