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Re: [technology-pmc] Requirements for publishing non-release builds

For completeness... those binaries shouldn't be in Eclipse CVS either.

The general rule is that only things that have been approved (including parallel-IP) are allowed on Eclipse servers. This includes,,,, ...


Eugene Kuleshov wrote:
Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
Can you please clarify this for me. In my understanding, incubating projects are not supposed to distribute any binaries that contain code that haven't been approved for the parallel IP?
They can offer nightly/integration/milestone builds if they are
incubation conforming for parallel IP.

However, if they want to publish a release (even it it's 0.1), they will
 have to go through a release review. The release review ensures that
all IP is approved. This means that dependencies allowed through
parallel IP must be finally reviewed and approved by the IP team by that
Thanks Gunnar, but the release review wasn't my concern. Wayne just confirmed that if nightly build has any binaries that haven't been approved for parallel IP that is no go.


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