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Re: [technology-pmc] Communicating intent to join the Galileo release train

Hello Chris,

JWT project just confirmed its intent to get in the Galileo train by cloning all master bugs. We are also listed in the Galileo wiki page.


Chris Aniszczyk a écrit :
Howdy Technology projects,

Here's a reminder that projects *must have stated and demonstrated their intent to join Galileo by the M4+0 date*, which is coming December 12th.

Projects can state intent by adding themselves to bug 251715 and each of the P1 bugs used to define "Must-Do" requirements for train participation. From the technology top-level project, I see:
- JWT (have you confirmed intent?)

Any other interested projects?

See for details.

Note that joining the train is a great way to get exposure for your project and help build community.


~ Chris Aniszczyk

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