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RE: [technology-pmc] Agenda for today's call

I'd like to add a short discussion describing what we should be looking for
in the various types of reviews; specifically, is there any documentation?

Doug Schaefer recently asked us to comment on his move review slides for
Photran and I'm not sure what we should be asking for.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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> Tech PMC Members,
> Here are some things I think we should talk about on today's call:
> *	EclipseCon - thanks to a last minute rush of 
> submissions, we have 3 submissions for 1 panel slot and 25 
> submissions for 6 long talk slots. We should talk about 
> review criteria and commit to making public comments on the proposals.
> *	Laszlo Archive Review - there have been two notes of 
> complaint, but no groundswell of support:
> o/msg00245.html
> *	Website school - another one this week so we should get 
> a report from Ward on how that's going
> - Bjorn

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