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[technology-pmc] Agenda for today's call

Here's an agenda for today's call:
  • Decide on EclipseCon tutorials. We have five submissions for three slots and we can always recruit additional submissions if we feel that other material is needed:
    • 4 short proposals [1]
    • 1 long proposal (even though we don't have any long slots; thus we should consider it for a short slot) [2]
    • Note that our goals for tutorials are different than goals for talks: we want learning experiences that people will be willing to pay extra for
  • John will report on the BPEL project
  • Wayne will report on the ECESIS project
  • Cliff will report on the ALF project
  • Decide which of us is going to mentor/monitor the Aperi, Apogee, and RAP projects?
  • Discuss whether we want to add project leads to the PMC like other PMCs do.

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