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[technology-pmc] Re: Apogee project activity and webpage?

Hi Bjorn,

I am very sorry for the delay. We had some important delivery internally and we didn't manage to put Apogee to However the work is still going on, on this side (slowlier than we would be, but still going on). We plan to switch to CVS this week. I will also put information on the website and publish documents.

The good news is that we got the needed confirmation from one of our customers to start a large project based on Apogee. This will move on more quickly starting from mid-November (3-5 people team will begin to work fulltime on it, from our side).

I apologize for the delay. Do not hesitate to ask more informations.


On 17 oct. 06, at 20:41, Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:

I browsed over to the Apogee website today ( apogee/) and I noticed that it's still the default page (just a copy of the Eclipse home page). The infrastructure has been in place for a couple weeks now, so I'm curious when you're going to update the Apogee website and explain to the larger community what Apogee is about? I also notice that there is no code checked into CVS and no activity in the newsgroup for over six weeks. What's the status with the project?

- Bjorn

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