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[technology-pmc] Re: Cleaning out inactive committers

hi Bjorn

I do not think it would be appropriate to
to remove the committer status of any of these

darmbrust is waiting for a contribution to be approved
djorgenson is waiting for a cvs access issue to be resolved
dford is about to make a contribution
bbanfai is about to make a contribution


Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
Grahame, Don,
As part of the fall house cleaning, I noticed that four of the committers on the OHF project appear to be inactive:
Note that being an inactive Committer does not mean that the people are inactive on the project but it does mean that the person has not checked any code or web pages into CVS in over N months.

The Technology Charter requires that Committers stay active in the project:
"A Committer that ... does not participate actively, or has been inactive for an extended period may have his or her commit status removed by the PMC."

We ask that either:

   * You explain why these people should continue to be committers in
     spite of appearing inactive, or
   * You tell us to "un-committerize" them. Committers that are removed
     can, of course, be reinstated when they resume their active work
     on the project.

Thank you.

Grahame Grieve
CTO, Jiva Medical       Software Integration Tools
CTO, Kestral Computing  Healthcare Applications

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