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[technology-pmc] Re: FW: Piotr Jaworowski - New Committer Request Form

The Technology PMC approves of Mr. Jaworowski's election. But...

We'd like to see more in the nomination email in the future. For example, the list of the bugs that Mr. Jaworowski had contributed patches for. Not just "he's done great work" but actual pointers to the work that he has done. The idea is that others in the community, outside the Corona core team, should be able to read and review the nomination and votes to evaluate how open and transparent and permeable the Corona team is.


Sharon Corbett wrote:
Hi Bjorn:

As Technology PMC, do you approve of the election results attached?

Sharon Corbett
Intellectual Property Operations Eclipse Foundation Inc.
Tel:  613-224-9461 ext. 232
Fax:  613-224-5172
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Subject: Piotr Jaworowski - New Committer Request Form


New Committer / Bug Triager Request

PMC Member: Dennis OFlynn
Email: dennis.oflynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

New Committer / Bug Triager Info: ===================
Election URL:
PMC Email: Name: Piotr Jaworowski Organization: Compuware
Project: Corona

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