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[technology-pmc] Re: [Fwd: Re: EPF reviews]


the point I tried to make with the wiki is that it is an example of another company (LogicaCMD) that has plans on doing contributions to the tool component. I also have discussions with one more company that possibly could be involved in the tool component, so there is hope that IBM will not continue to carry 100% of the workload associated with the tool component.

No content development is done on the Wiki, all content development is done through epf-dev, Bugzilla and CVS. <A completely separate issue is that once the Wiki technology is open sourced, it would provided us with a very good environment for allowing contributions to the content, but since it is not open source, it is not an official site for improving OpenUP or other future EPF content)

  • a) ...
    b) ...
    c) These figures do not fairly reflect actual contributions. ... <I have a separate issues to deal with that some valuable team members should committ their work and not work through others, but it does not mean that they do not add value or are not involved>
    d) ...
  • Slide 20: "Several major organizations..." and "Many organizations..." - I'd like to see a concrete list.
    PKR: I could rapidly find 13 companies that add value to EPF. I think this is just the tip of an iceberg... Every time I go to a conference, a new company tells me that they are using EPF one way or the other...Also note that that I do not have all companies listed that are supporters of EPF....
My concern with your answers above is the (c). What you're saying is that your contributor community is larger and diverse, but that your committer community is not. What can you do/what plans do you have to convince those contributors to become committers?

On c), I tried to make the point that some COMITTERS are adding value only through bugzilla and epf-dev (since a lot of content is originally written and augmented using Word, rather than directly in EPF Composer), and I will work on these committers also do committs directly through CVS. So, the committer community is large and diverse, but some committers are not using CVS... especially this is true for some non-IBMers.
In the IP log, see you find a number of contributors. Some of them may soon be candidates for becoming committers. I think we have a working process in place within the project for making that happen.


Per Kroll
STSM, Manager Methods: RUP / RMC
Project Lead: Eclipse Process Framework
Rational Software, IBM Corp

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

09/18/2006 06:21 PM

Per Kroll/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS
technology-pmc <technology-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [Fwd: Re: EPF reviews]

One more thing. The wiki you pointed us to ( is not at  What is it's relationship to the project? Is content worked on at the wiki and then committed to CVS later?

- Bjorn

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