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[technology-pmc] [Fwd: Re: EPF reviews]

Technology PMC members,
Per has sent the attached draft slides for the potential EPF 1.0 Release.  We should all review them before giving our approval for EPF to go ahead with a 1.0 graduation release - we want to avoid a repeat of the ALF situation.

Some specific comments:
  • All slides: the footer is incorrect because the Eclipse Foundation is not publishing this material
  • Slides 2 and 19: according to the commits explorer, there are a maximum of 6 companies (IBM, Telelogic, and four individuals assuming the individuals work for four different companies) instead of the 11 claimed in the slides with 17 committers instead of the 27 listed in the slides. And IBM employees are doing 94% of the commits. This doesn't strike me as a particularly diverse committer community.
  • Slide 19: who are the non-committer contributors?
  • Slide 20: "Several major organizations..." and "Many organizations..." - I'd like to see a concrete list.
  • Slides 9-11: the outreach to the user community appears to be above average for Eclipse projects
In general, however, I am concerned that the committer community is not diverse because over 90% of the work is still being done by IBM.

PMC members,
Your comments?

Can you answer the three issues (diversity, non-committer contributors, concrete lists) raised above? Thanks.

- Bjorn

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