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[technology-pmc] Re: Apache Technology Redistribution

The Technology PMC says "yes". You still need to fill out the Contribution Questionnaire ( and wait for Eclipse Legal approval before check-in or release, but Janet says that this kind of approval should be quick. You will get approval for ONE specific version number of the libraries and you can only use that version. If you want to change versions, you have ask for Legal approval (via the CQ) for that other version, etc. We (Eclipse) do this because the IP issues in the code could change dramatically between versions. It almost never does, but it could.

- Bjorn

O'Flynn, Dennis wrote:



The Corona project team would like permission to redistribute the following Apache technologies.  We would like to use these technologies in our exemplary implementation.


Since these are 3rd party content, we are requesting permission from the Technology PMC to redistribute these technologies per the Committer Due Diligence Guidelines.



Dennis O’Flynn

Corona Project Lead

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