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[technology-pmc] Higgins infrastructure - needs to be on

Paul, Mary,
I was looking around the Higgins project recently and discovered two infrastructure issues that need to be resolved:

First, you're using a wiki ( We're not trying to own the world, so in some sense we don't care, but in another important case we DO care and thus we need you to move from that wiki to the wiki ( The important case we care about is that the Eclipse Wiki is covered by the Terms of Use and those terms protect us from IP violations, both accidental and deliberate. Because the wiki you are using does not have those terms of use, the IP discussed on the wiki - including all the design documents - is not "clean IP" (Note that even if you added that footer to the bottom of the pages, it still wouldn't be good enough for Eclipse Legal's peace of mind). So in order to protect the IP cleanliness, we need you to, ASAP, move from the editme wiki to the Eclipse wiki.

Second, I noticed an email on the dev list titled "SVN Commit...". Your CVS repository is fairly active, so I think you are actually doing development at (and thus protected by the Terms of Use and the IP Policy) and this is just a typo, but because doesn't have an SVN repository yet, I have to ask if you are doing development outside of the CVS? If so, that's a problem on a couple levels: (a) open and transparent process (I couldn't find any reference to an SVN repository on your web pages or wiki) and (b) code developed outside the CVS is not covered by the IP Policy.

I await your response and I appreciate your understanding of these issues,

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