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[technology-pmc] Re: FW: Pierre-Henry Perret - New Committer Request Form

Scott, (w/ cc to the Technology PMC list)
Four days (August 24th to August 28th) is not long enough for an election. It would be fine if you received 100% of the committers voting, but you did not, so you needed to leave the vote open for long enough to ensure that everyone had a chance to vote. In the future please leave the vote open long enough OR get *everyone* to vote.

However, it's now August 3rd and so it is now long enough and I don't see any "-1"s on the dev list, so the PMC is now ok with the election.

- Bjorn

Sharon Corbett wrote:

Hi Scott:


Ideally we would like the elections to be confirmed by a PMC Member either on the mailing list (preferable) or in a separate email (acceptable).  This PMC confirmation is normally arranged by the Requestor.  Bjorn is a Technology PMC and there are others as well. 


I am copying Bjorn on this email in order to gain PMC Approval.




Sharon Corbett
Intellectual Property Operations
Eclipse Foundation Inc.
Tel:  613-224-9461 ext. 232
Fax:  613-224-5172

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