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[tanglemktplaces-dev] Project Lead election for Holger Köther on Tangle Marketplaces

A project lead election for Holger Köther on project Tangle Marketplaces
(iot.tanglemktplaces) was started by Jan Pauseback with this criteria:

I (Jan Pauseback) am going to retire my role as project lead for Tangle
Marketplaces and I am hereby nominating Holger Köther to be project lead.

Holger was the project lead for the industry marketplace during its
development and before Tangle EE was created. He actually contributed to the
original repository.
He also held the initial webinar about decentralized marketplaces within
Tangle EE, so I think it makes much sense that he takes the project lead

Tangle Marketplaces project committers can click the election link below to



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