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[] Tangle EE Working Group Termination Announcement

Dear Tangle EE Community;

The original goal of the Tanglee EE Working Group was to drive the evolution and broad adoption of the Tangle protocol and related technologies that enable the creation of a highly-scalable, open-source, permissionless, secure, peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology enabling the machine economy.

Throughout the lifetime of the working group, the Steering Committee has been active in trying to drive the initiative forward, including trying to attract relevant open source projects that would enable a code first approach consistent with other working groups. However, while there has been interest from the many Members involved in the working group, there has not been significant enough momentum in such projects to make the working group be viable on a go-forward basis.  As such, the Steering Committee has taken the step of recommending that the working group be terminated.  

It has always been the Eclipse Foundation’s expectation that some Working Groups will exist for a  period of time to accomplish a specific set of objectives consistent with their vision and scope, and at some point may no longer be in a position to pursue the original goals as a working group, and is deemed inactive.  As per the Steering Committee’s recommendation, and consistent with the Eclipse Foundation Working Group Process [1], the Working Group is being formally wrapped up.  All materials relevant to the working group will be archived by the Eclipse Management Organization.  Additionally, all Tangle EE Working Group Participation Agreements with Members shall automatically terminate as a result.

On behalf of the Eclipse Foundation, thank you to everyone in the Tangle EE community for the work accomplished and the collaboration seen.   

Please feel free to contact the undersigned should you have any questions.


Best Regards,

Sharon Corbett
Program Director, Working Group Operations
Eclipse Foundation

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