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Re: [swtchart-dev] Export Option in plain Java Application

Hi Yash,

you could use the chart settings to add an export menu item:
addMenuEntry(IChartMenuEntry menuEntry);

It's possible via the ChartSettings to completely rearrange the menu. This needs to be done in the final product, as the extensions can't consume the export bundles. This would lead to a circular dependency. The bundle hierarchy is as follows:


The bundle "org.eclipse.swtchart.export" currently requires Apache Batik etc. for exporting to SVG. I could imagine to split the export bundle into two bundles:

1) org.eclipse.swtchart.export.simple
2) org.eclipse.swtchart.export.enhanced

The first bundles only contains export handler, which require no additional libraries, like the built-in jpg or csv export. We could also place the template SVG export in such a bundle.

The latter one requires Apache Batik, etc.. The consumer can then decide, whether to use the simple or enhanced export bundle or both.


Am 01.05.20 um 13:18 schrieb Yash Bharatiya:
Is there a way to add "Export As" option to menu items in chart setting when running SWTChart as plain Java Application,by default it uses extension point when made to run as eclipse application?

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