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Re: [swtchart-dev] GSoC 2020:Extending the Export Options

Hi Yash,

yep, the R export could be improved.
In the attached example,

LineSeries1, Baseline, SelectedPeak_1_Background, SelectePeak2_Background

are lines. All others are line series, but only with data points instead of lines:


When exporting the data, probably the settings (ILineSeriesSettings lineSeriesSettings = lineSeriesData.getSettings();) of each series could be checked and the options could be set correctly in the export. Additionally, the export dialog could be extended to allow to select only certain series via a check-box. Currently, it only asks for exporting "all" or "selected" series.


Am 22.03.20 um 20:16 schrieb Yash Bharatiya:
Regarding improvements in R export,
I saw that the current R export plots the data series as type=l in case of line chart which makes it plot the same way everytime even when the LineStyle of SWTChart may be different,
to overcome this problem we could first get the LineStyle setting from the basechart and set the same linestyle in the R export
the various line styles in r could be set by using the lty= parameter in plot()
like lty=1 for dashed line style.
The same can be done for PlotSymbolTypes by using pch= parameter in points().

Also I saw that the legend in R export can sometime make readability of chart poor like in the attached file,
What do you think about adding a legend outside the plot area? 


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