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[swtchart-dev] GSoC 2020:Exporting *.svg files via Inkscape

I looked into how Graphics2D generated the .svg export for different charts and found 
that it consists of three sections of code-
1) General declaration of  xml document and SVG object,this will be common to all templates.
for e.g-
<defs id="defs1">
<clipPath clipPathUnits="userSpaceOnUse" id="clipPath1"
      ><path d="M50 50 L876 50 L876 317 L50 317 L50 50 Z"/>
<g style="fill:red; stroke:red;" transform="translate(50,0)"

2) Filling of data series in the chart ,this is the only section of code which differs in the template of each chart   
for e.g. -
in line chart it is done as -
<line x1="50" x2="50" y1="316" style="fill:none; clip-path:url(#clipPath1);" y2="316"/>

3) Defining the axes and giving effects to the chart,this will depend on the data series the user is exporting.

Does this look fine?


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