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Re: [swtchart-dev] Error :"Can't set the vertical slider true"

Hi Yash,

there seems to be a bug in SWT, which let's the vertical slider behave strangely:

It is set in:

That's why the vertical slider is deactivated by default.
Feel free to clone the code and play with it.

To show the export menu, the following bundle must be loaded:


Am 09.02.20 um 01:39 schrieb yash Bharatiya:
I was trying some sample runs of  custom charts from org.eclipse.swtchart.extension.customcharts for e.g. ChromatogramChart,  trying to understand how export options work,but its giving me an error "Can't set the vertical slider true"
,this is happening with all charts which are inheriting from ScrollableChart I think,I wanted to know whether I am doing something wrong or if its a bug How do I work around it.

Also whenever I do a rightclick on the chart for the "Export As" option to appear it does not show it,Except in case of InteractiveChart where it shows the "SaveAs" option,Could you tell me what is it that I'm doing wrong?.
I would be grateful.


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