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[swtchart-dev] GSOC 2020 Related queries

I am Jeevan S, A 2nd year CSE student from India. I would like to work on SWTChart and contribute to this open-source.

It would be really helpful if you could help me out with the tools and technologies that I must be aware of before I contribute to this
open-source. I am experienced in writing code in java and also have a good idea about SWT. I hope that my effort in contributing as
soon as possible would make my application better and my idea proposing to this topic be valid. I have gone through the topic and I
have a fair idea of what's expected and what I am supposed to do.

I have also read about the contribution guidelines specified in the GitHub page and gone through the related documents in Eclipse's contribution guidelines. If provided a proper heads-up, I hope I can start contributing soon.

Thank You

Jeevan S

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