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[swtchart-dev] AWT Dependencies

Hi Andreas,

you have mentioned the upcoming AWT dependency in SWTChart:

"AWT has a dependency to GTK2 on Linux, which means if AWT classes are loaded one cannot use GTK3 (which is the default on latest Eclipse releases) When building custom runtime images via jlink, one would like to to avoid AWT classes (although I have to admit that the java.desktop module is quite huge so it might be hard to avoid it completely)." --

For now, there should be an easy solution to handle this situation. You can decide on your own, which parts to use in your application. SWTChart is created in a modular way. Three bundles are available:

org.eclipse.swtchart.export (AWT is required here to export data to SVG)

Simply use the the core SWTChart bundle and its extensions. Just skip the export bundle which requires AWT.


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