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[swtbot-dev] SWTBot Logo

Hi all,

The contest for SWTBot logo is over. You can see nice proposals on bug and ~90 remaining proposals out of 143 submitted at https://www.designonclick.com/769895-logo-for-the-open-source-project-eclipse-swtbot . There are many very good ones.
I'd really like to select the following proposal as SWTBot logo: https://www.designonclick.com/wettbewerb.php?id=769895&designer_id=123744&nr=20 . Reasons are:
* Its colors/shapes integrate well in the "Eclipse family" which is good because SWTBot is targeting a pure-Eclipse use-case which is Plugin/RCP development.
* It looks very simple, so does SWTBot
* It looks a bit playful, just like SWTBot (remember the first time you used SWTBot, didn't you feel like you got a new toy?)
* It will be easy to turn it into a nice icon in branding, wizards, menus and so on.

If you agree with selecting this logo, please say "+1". If you'd like to debate about selecting another logo, feel free to add you comments as answers to this message.
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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