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Re: [swordfish-dev] Future of Swordfish

+1 for sunset

J├╝rgen Kindler

Von: Zsolt Beothy-Elo <zbeothy-elo@xxxxxxxxxx>
Antworten an: Swordfish Developer Discussions <swordfish-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 11:25
An: Swordfish Developer Discussions <swordfish-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: [swordfish-dev] Future of Swordfish

Dear co-committers,
it's over two year since the last commit in the Swordfish repository and also the traffic of our mailing list is almost non existent. I don't believe this will change in the near future. Therefor I think it's really to time to sunset Swordfish and to enter the dormant phase, but of course I would also like to get your oppinion how to further proceed with Swordfish.

Best Regards,

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