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Re: [swordfish-dev] Can't access

Hello Jürgen,

Am 21.05.2010 um 20:19 schrieb Hans-Juergen Schumacher:


I checked out the trunk and try to follow the instructions for headless
build. Already the third.parties target (first step) couldnt run
successful because cant get access to

We temporary switched to  a local copy of the orbit because we were constantly facing problems with the remote one and we needed to deliver a build for Helios.  As soon as the problems are fixed, but latest after te Helios release we will switch again to the official orbit location. 

you run internal servers? If this is an OpenSource project let me know
how I can get a successful build.

Replace  the map files rt/ and tools/  with the one from orbit ( or the attached one, but be warned I just tried it out and always got time outs. 

Otherwise you should remove the
project from the eclipse site.

I agree that pointing to an internal server is by far not ideal, but getting RC1 for Helios out was more critical.

BTW there is thread in our forum dealing with issues during the Swordfish build:

Best Regards,

Best Regards,
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