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[swordfish-dev] Fwd: [cross-project-issues-dev] Helios Release - IP Reviews- February 5, 2010 Deadline

We need to start filing our CQ's for Helios. February 5 is deadline. I clarified with Wayne that filing new CQ's will not affect affect our approved IP Log for our move review to the new SOA top level project. Any volunteer to set up the list of bundles for which we need a CQ? 


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Von: Janet Campbell <janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: 5. Januar 2010 20:13:29 MEZ
Betreff: [cross-project-issues-dev] Helios Release - IP Reviews- February 5, 2010 Deadline
Antwort an: Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

It's that time again.  In order to plan for the upcoming Helios Release we are asking all participating projects to:
  • enter a contribution questionnaire for all third party packages that you wish to include in your release prior to February 5, 2010 (end of helios M5); and
  • enter a comment on any CQ/ IPZilla bug  that you need for the simultaneous release indicating that the package is needed for Helios.
We will annotate all the relevant CQs/ IPBugs with the keyword "helios" and use that list to plan our reviews for the next six months.  Your project’s participation in this activity is critical for your successful inclusion on the train:  packages submitted by participating projects prior to the February 5, 2010 deadline will be given priority over all other submissions during scheduling.  
Janet Campbell
Director, Intellectual Property
Phone:  +1.613.224.9461, x.229 (GMT -5)
Fax:  +1.613.224.5172

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