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Re: [swordfish-dev] Interceptor framework design options

Title: Re: [swordfish-dev] Interceptor framework design options
I agree that it is not the interceptor’s business to decide whether it is to be called or not in a given context. But often the context also will drive the concrete functionality an interceptor will provide. An example: a message tracking interceptor would have to include this information in the tracking events. That’s the kind of situation that my question was aimed at.


On 13.11.09 16:39, "Jürgen Kindler" <juergen.kindler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jerry,

An interceptor could certainly try to figure out in which context is is being called, but in fact it is not desired.
The interceptor should not actively need to “understand” for which context it gets activated (though implicitly it might be implemented for acting in a certain context!). It would be a matter of configuration about where a specific interceptor gets called.


On 11/13/09 14:48, "Gerald Preissler" <gerald.preissler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I take it that there will be a way for an interceptor to figure out message exchange type, role and message? In that case I’d vote for Zsolts approach.


On 12.11.09 15:52, "Oliver Wolf" <oliver.wolf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear fellow Swordfishers,

I've created a short Wiki article summarizing our design discussion on
the Interceptor framework:

Please feel free to comment on and/or add to as you see fit.


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