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Re: [swordfish-dev] Spring Osgi 1.0.2

According to we need a draft IP Log starting with M5 (01/29/2010). But I agree we should start now to fill the CQ's. For the next sprint we should add a feature to define the set of third-party bundles for the 1.0 milestone / Helios release and test it.  I have created a feature for this in ScrumWorks.


Am 30.10.2009 um 11:26 schrieb Jürgen Kindler:

+1 for doing that (with a consistent set of bundles of course - I want to see things running before filing CQs ;-) )

On 10/29/09 15:34, "Oliver Wolf" <oliver.wolf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

@fellow committers:
Since we're starting to work on the 1.0 milestones, it probably makes
sense to kick-off the IP process and try to get checkintocvs ASAP.
What do you think?

Jürgen Kindler

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