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[swordfish-dev] Chat transcript 3/11/2008

Title: Chat transcript 3/11/2008
[START Transcript 3/11/2008]

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
Ok, do you have any vision what should be done next?
what about the swordfish configuration api?
@Dietmar: Can we move the RegistryImpl from the swordfish. planner to the swordfish.core project.  I would like to use it for the configuration consumers registration?

Andrey Kopachevsky
@Dietmar could you say stage of your planner refactoring? as I see from sources it not finished, yes?

Dietmar Wolz
In the current state the planner integration test is working, but some changes are still open.
since we are here in italy we propose you do the remaining steps od the refactoring which are:
1) move core.api into the core project
2) remove (again, sorry) getType from interceptor and set a type property in planner.InterceptorListener using volodymyrs technique and use this propety in planner.test.TestFilterStrategy instead of getType
3) move RegistryImpl to core if you need it elsewhere
4) check how I fixed the spring osgi test framework maven access problem in planner.test.PlannerITest getLocater by using is custom locator (u need the patched 5) please use explicit bundle exports in the poms as done already in my projects

Andrey Kopachevsky
why is it important?

Dietmar Wolz
6) Try to build similar integration tests for interceptor chain executor and other components
explicit bundle exports help to control what is finally exported, Oliver again:

Oliver Wolf
The Felix BND plugin exports everything by default which is OK if you follow the standard apache way of using one package per bundle. in our case there are bundles that potentially contain more tha one package and we don't want all of them to exported, e.g. core: we want t export the internal api, but not the core implemetation
do you agree?

Andrey Kopachevsky
yes, not problem

Oliver Wolf
ok, so that's it from our side today... we might be on the chat sometime tomorrow, but i can't promise
maybe in the afternoon from the airport
but we're back wednesday morning

Andrey Kopachevsky
from our site volodimir works today on config manager, I was working to make planner refactor works in OSGI example run


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