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[swordfish-dev] Re: AW: Swordfish goes SCA

Ganz konkret wird also eine JBI-Komponente als OSGi Bundle deployed (also im OSGi Framework installiert). Im ServiceMix wird sie nicht „wie gewöhnlich“ deployed, sondern via API. Richtig? Wäre cool!

Exactly, that's how it works.

public Object addingService(ServiceReference reference) {
Component component = (Component) context.getService(reference);
String componentName = String.class.cast(reference
try {
container.activateComponent(component, componentName);
log.fine(">>>>> component <" + componentName
+ "> successfully activated!");
return component;
} catch (JBIException e) {
throw new IllegalStateException("Activation of component <"
+ componentName + "> failed!", e);

The downside of this approach is a) that ServiceMix does not know whether the installed component is a service engine or a binding and b) that ServiceMix does not pass an installation path and a workspace path to the component via the ComponentContext. This is not really a problem for the components we're currently working with, but we'll try to find a solution by using the API method
activateComponent(javax.jbi.component.Component component, String description,ActivationSpec activationSpec, boolean pojo, boolean binding, boolean service,String[] sharedLibraries) .


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