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Re: [sumo-user] get Edge Type

Hi Florian,


you'll have to combine multiple sources for that. Are you interested in the cumulated time or distance?


For distance:

  • VehRoutes output to get the edges the vehicle took
  • Sumolib  ( to get the edge type and edge length information
  • aggregate the edge length per edge type

For time:

  • FCDOutput to get the lane of a vehicle over the course of its travel >> derive the edge according to the naming conventions (lane id = edgeID_laneIndex) and sum the time per edge
  • continue like for the distance


Best regards







Betreff: [sumo-user] get Edge Type

Datum: 2023-07-12T15:40:29+0200

Von: "Florian Schnepf via sumo-user" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>

An: "sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>




Hello everyone,
I would like to know how long a vehicle rides on which edge type along his route. Is there a traci function or a option in the outputs I can use?
Thanks in advance



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