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Re: [sumo-user] Close the part of the lane for construction

The easiest way is to close a complete lane using traci.lane.setAllowed(laneID, "authority") and re-open it later with traci.lane.setAllowed(laneID, "all") (or whatever the prior permissions used to be).
For closing only a part, the recommended way is to place a stopped vehicle (traci.vehicle.add, traci.vehicle.setStop, later remove it with traci.vehicle.remove).

Am Do., 6. Juli 2023 um 01:06 Uhr schrieb Desai, Rohit (VWoA-ECC) <Rohit.Desai@xxxxxx>:

Hi SumoUsers,


I am new to the sumo, still learning most of the things.

I would like to know what’s is the way to close a part of the lane for construction or accident scenario ?

When I read across couple of old posts people had created a ghost vehicle in in the simulation, is this is how it is achieved ?

How can I do the lane closer(part of the lane) through TraCI and open back after some time ?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.





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