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Re: [sumo-user] libsumo bug (sumo v1.17) in setProgramLogic

I've checked it again and it seems that it is not a bug. If you extract the program logic using traci (traci.trafficlight.getAllProgramLogics) (and store it for example in a pickle) then you cannot use libsumo and setProgramLogic(). The reason is that the type of program logic returned by traci (traci._trafficlight.Logic) is different compared to the one returned by libsumo (libsumo.libsumo.TraCILogic) (which is SwigPyObject and it cannot be pickled). That's why libsumo throws a typing error.

Στις Τετ 21 Ιουν 2023 στις 10:19 π.μ., ο/η manos kampitakis <mankampitakis@xxxxxxxxx> έγραψε:
Hi all,

Since I updated sumo to v1.17 when I use traci everything works fine in my script but when I use libsumo I get the following error in this line of code self.sumo.trafficlight.setProgramLogic(self.tls_id, self.program_logic) => TypeError: in method 'trafficlight_setProgramLogic', argument 2 of type 'libsumo::TraCILogic const &'. I guess that it should be a bug because traci works fine.

Best regards,

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