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Re: [sumo-user] Problem With Assigning SSM device through Vtypedistrubtion

You need to enclose the <param> elements within the respective vType. Instead your declaration closes the <vType /> before starting the <param>.

Am Mi., 14. Juni 2023 um 23:47 Uhr schrieb S G <sadullahgoncu@xxxxxxxxx>:

I am trying to assign SSM devices to certain vehicle types. Yet, my definition of vehicle types is through the declaration of a VTypeDistrubution. However, it does not work in my case. 

In the cfg file, I've tried explicitly defining the output file for ssmlogs yet I have been unable to obtain a file. If I assign all SSM devices through the cfg file, I am successfully obtaining results, yet I want to use different thresholds for different vehicle types, which I cannot achieve through cfg file. 

PS: I have tried this with both windows build (1.17.0) and developer build. 

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
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