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Re: [sumo-user] Importing Elevation Data from OSM Data

This is supposed to be working (and in fact does work in our test). Can you provide a minimal osm sample file to replicate your problem?

Am Di., 6. Juni 2023 um 20:34 Uhr schrieb ryota ishida <ishirae17@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear all

I want to import elevation data from the following OSM node data.

>><node id="1" lat="<latitude>" lon="<longitude>" ele="<elevation>" visible="true" timestamp="<time>"/>  ...

However, even if I use "--osm.elevation" in netconvert, z-coordinates are not output as shown below.

>><junction id="1222" type="traffic_light" x="4338.51" y="1196.51" incLanes="103459_0 ...

Is there a correct way to import z-coordinates from OSM data to SUMO nodes?

Best regards
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