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Re: [sumo-user] libsumo DLL load error

we regularly experience difficulties in using anaconda because it brings its own libraries. Can you retry with a pure python?

Best regards,

Am 02.06.23 um 09:02 schrieb 최석환:
Dear all,

I'm going to run sumo using libsumo and Python multiprocessing packages.
I successfully installed it using pip install libsumo.

However, importing libsumo from python results in the error message "Module not found."
My error message is as follows

---------------------------------------------------------------------------ImportErrorTraceback (most recent call last) Cell In[1], line 97fromtqdmimporttqdm 8frommultiprocessingimportProcess, Pool ----> 9importlibsumoFile C:\Program Files (x86)\Eclipse\Sumo\tools\libsumo\, constants, exceptions, _vehicle, _person, _trafficlight, _simulation # noqa29fromtraci.stepimportStepManager, StepListener # noqa---> 30from.libsumoimportvehicle, simulation, person, trafficlight # noqa31from.libsumoimportTraCIStage, TraCINextStopData, TraCIReservation, TraCILogic, TraCIPhase, TraCIException # noqa32from.libsumoimportTraCICollision, TraCISignalConstraint # noqaFile C:\Program Files (x86)\Eclipse\Sumo\tools\libsumo\ Import the low-level C/C++ module12if__package__ or"."in__name__: ---> 13from.import_libsumo 14else: 15import_libsumoImportError: DLL load failed while importing _libsumo: Module not found.

My environment is sumo 1.17, libsumo 1.17, and I use python 3.10.9 in anaconda3. I added site-package, sumo tools, sumo bin, etc. from anaconda env to the path in the Windows system environment variable, but I still get DLL load error.
How should I solve this problem?

Thank you so much for your kind response and good insights all the time.

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