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Re: [sumo-user] Is road grade taken into account in determining vehicle speed?

Of all the carFollowModels in sumo, currently the only ones that takes grade into account are "KraussPS" (which stands for Krauss plus Slope) and "Rail".
You could override model accelerations via TraCI using vehicle.getSlope and vehicle.setAccel and vehicle.setDecel (the latter two set upper and lower bounds on acceleration) or you could override an existing model:

Am So., 4. Juni 2023 um 12:10 Uhr schrieb ryota ishida <ishirae17@xxxxxxxxx>:

Dear all

I have a question about SUMO's vehicle speed.

Is the effect of road grade taken into account in determining the vehicle speed?

(From looking at Krauss' paper on vehicle following models, it does not appear that gradient is taken into account)

Also, is it possible to calculate speeds taking road gradient into account?

Best regards


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