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Re: [sumo-user] Taxistands

Hi Jakob, 

Many thanks, this works perfectly as I wanted. Is there any possibility to get taxi parking time?

I am modelling taxis, that are dispatched from taxistands (in my case, parking areas are defined as taxistands). Now, I need to dispatch the taxi that has arrived earlier to taxistand or has spent more time parking. I tried to check if the traci.parkingarea.getVehicleIDs(stopID) could give me parked taxis according to their parking time but unfortuntely that is not the case.

Many thanks and have a great weekend.


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The latest development version (starting with v1_17_0-575) contains experimental support for taxi stands.


Am Fr., 26. Mai 2023 um 12:09 Uhr schrieb Sharifullah Asady <sharif.asady@xxxxxx>:

Hello Dear,

I want to simulate taxis using SUMO. As we know that taxis have specific taxistands to park and wait for customer requests and also after dropping the customer they must return back to their taxistand. So, there is any possibility to have taxistands. 

Maybe it is possible to use ParkingAreas as taxistands but then how guide taxis to go to the parkingareas after they drop the customer and also currently, we have to define a duration or time that the vehicle should stay in the parking area but for taxis we don't know the time as it is dependent on requests arrival.

Many thanks for the suggestions and feedback.

best regards,


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