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[sumo-user] Sumo not opening properly while using python, please help :(

 import osimport sysimport traciimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltfrom sumolib import checkBinaryimport datetime
# Path to the SUMO tools (change this according to your setup)sumo_tools_path = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Eclipse/Sumo/bin"
# Path to the SUMO simulation files (change this according to your setup)sumo_simulation_path = "C:/Users/Dani/Desktop/sumo_test1/try"
gui = Truemax_steps = 2500

# sumo things - we need to import python modules from the $SUMO_HOME/tools directoryif 'SUMO_HOME' in os.environ:    tools = os.path.join(os.environ['SUMO_HOME'], 'tools')    sys.path.append(tools)else:    sys.exit("please declare environment variable 'SUMO_HOME'")
# setting the cmd mode or the visual mode    if gui == False:    sumoBinary = checkBinary('sumo')else:    sumoBinary = checkBinary('sumo-gui') # setting the cmd command to run sumo at simulation timesumo_cmd = [sumoBinary, "-c", os.path.join(sumo_simulation_path, "sumocfg1.sumocfg"), "--no-step-log", "true", "--waiting-time-memory", str(max_steps)]
# Start the SUMO simulation#sumo_cmd = [os.path.join(sumo_tools_path, "sumo-gui"), "--remote-port", "0", "--start", "-c", os.path.join(sumo_simulation_path, "sumocfg1.sumocfg")]traci.start(sumo_cmd)
I tried both of the sumo_cmd commands from above, but the same results.

The sumo-gui opened but when i press start, i got this and nothing happens afterwards.
Can you please help me to find the problem and how to solve it?Thank you for your time and have a nice day,
A worried student.

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