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[sumo-user] Specific Electric Vehicle parameters


I am using SUMO to make simulations of specific electric vehicles. So far I have used the ones that are defined in the documentation ( but I would like to simulate two vehicles specifically: Nissan Leaf e+ 62kW and a Dacia Spring 33kW.

I can obtain almost all the parameters to model these vehicles, except the "powerLossMap" parameter. I understand that this parameter refers to how the electric motor's consumption is. Will you be able to create this parameter for me or tell me how could I do it, for these 2 vehicles that I need? Is there any tool for this?

Apart from this parameter, do you know any database that shows the rest of the parameters for any vehicle model? Thank you

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Transport & Security Division

Iñaki Cejudo Fresnadillo
Research Assistant
Intelligent Systems for Mobility and Logistics
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